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    Calendar permissions query

    Is it possible to allow colleagues to see the title and venue of any appointment in my calendar, but not to be able to open the meeting request? Reason, the meeting request can include sensitive info, including attachments which I do not want to share with colleagues.
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    Updating Last Modified Date on ThisOutlookSession Macro

    Hi I have developed an outlook macro, which I would like to automatically update the VbaProject.OTM Last Modified Date each time I save it. I understand this is a long o/s Microsoft unresolved gribe that this date is not automatically updated Is it possible to do this within Outlook (when saving...
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    VBA Outlook Task determination

    Perfect. Thanks Michael
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    VBA Outlook Task determination

    Hi I'm developing a solution in ThisOutlookSession code to work with Tasks, and all seems to be ok until the objExplorer_SelectionChange () returns an entry appearing in the "My Tasks" which is not a TaskItem, i.e. task, appearing in Tasks list, but is infact an entry appearing in the "To-Do...
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    ThisOutlookSession not triggering for TaskItems

    Hi Michael Have imported the code but fails on execution Private Sub m_Inspectors_NewInspector(ByVal Inspector As Outlook.Inspector) Dim oInspector As cInspector "User defined type not defined." I've not used inspector before. Am I missing something? Tanks Perry
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    ThisOutlookSession not triggering for TaskItems

    Hi I'm using code in ThisOutlookSession which triggers all events when processing a Task, i.e. Open, Read, AddAttachment, Close. Everything works as expected excepting when I open more than one Task. Whilst the opening triggers work fine, repeatedly for subsequent Task opens, when it comes to...