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    How do you manage "mini-projects?"

    Thanks for the insights. I've started to do just that, to a degree. I am in complete agreement with your "stone age" assessment. I have discovered one additional half-solution. If you copy an email into the task notes, you can later open that message and do a "Find Related Items" search to...
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    How do you manage "mini-projects?"

    I am barraged on a daily basis, by what I call "mini-projects." These are questions or requests that have many pieces like a project, but only last for a day or so. They are too numerous and too short-lived to assign them a category the way you'd manage a big project. Example: Jim and his...
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    Linking Contacts to a Message Where the Contact isn't an Addressee

    I work in a busy Human Resources office where emails are sent back and forth about individuals. I have each of these "clients" listed in a contact list and use the contacts/activities to track emails to and from each client. However, in many cases I send notes to other offices asking about a...