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    Autopopulate Email Subject from Project

    I'm using a slightly modified version of this example from Microsoft (mine sends an automated email when the notes for a project or task are updated instead of when the status changes). I just added this to ThisOutlookSession after declaring oTaskItem outside all of the other stuff: Public Sub...
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    Autopopulate Email Subject from Project

    I was able to get it to populate the subject line, but unfortunately when I do that the associated contacts disappear and no longer populate the "To:" field. Oh well.
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    Autopopulate Email Subject from Project

    When a user opens up a new email from within a Project, it autopopulates the "To:" field with all the linked accounts/contacts that are attached to the project. How can I get it to also autopopulate the subject of the Project in the "Subject" field? I am fairly-to-moderately familiar with VBA...
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    User-Defined Relationship Fields: Invisible?

    I am using BCM with Outlook 2013. I'm setting up a database for my company to track our many projects, and I've been playing around with the user-defined fields. I have added a relationship field to the standard Project form, which ties back to an Employees contact record type. We want to be...