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    Wide Line Spacing in Folder pane 2016

    In the updates to Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 over the last year or so, has there been any feature added that would allow the Outlook 2019 Folder Pane to have less white space between the folder names? Perhaps a third-party solution? It's still annoying to spend so much of my day...
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    Year-and-a-day recurring appointments

    Never mind, figured it out. Thanks.
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    Year-and-a-day recurring appointments

    Is there a way to create recurring appointments in a "year-and-a-day" format? For example, Jan 2, 2019, Jan 3, 2020, Jan 4, 2021 . . . Using Outlook 2010 (yeah, still . . .) Thanks.
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    "This action is not available in the current mode"

    Now that Outlook 2010 users have been deprived of running scripts from rules, and the current work-arounds seem to be focused on Outlook 2013 and 2016, how do we older-version-users create a similar work-around? Like, 'when this e-mail arrives addressed to Joe, forward it to Joe's mobile' but...
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    Outlook 2010 Search Appointment Notes

    I have several recurring appointments in Outlook 2010. I often add a note to a specific occurrence to mark something significant about it. When I search Outlook's calendar section, those notes are not searched. The area is not marked "Notes", so I'm wondering if I have to search in a different...
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    Disable "Find related messages"

    In Outlook 2010, under File/Options/Trust Center/Microsoft Outlook Trust Center/Trust Center Settings, I have checked the "Don't download pictures automatically in HTML e-mail messages or RSS items" check box. If I wish to see the pictures, I right-click on the context menu at the top of the...
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    Redirect e-mail without Exchange server

    Diane, Thanks. I would prefer to do the redirecting on the PC, which is always on and has Outlook running. My ISP hasn't complained yet and I'm willing to try it. Could the script be incorporated into a rule? By the time it gets to the BIS service (I also use Verizon) it should have...
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    Redirect e-mail without Exchange server

    I use Outlook 2010 to manage several POP3 e-mail accounts. I don't have any Exchange server accounts. I have several rules that allow me to filter which e-mails are forwarded to my BlackBerry so I can keep some sanity. When I forward a message though, it comes to the BlackBerry from my PC...
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    Rules Wizard

    Re: Rules Wizard 'run a script' For some reason, VBA just confuses me. I found a VBA script that I modified for my XP machine, that is triggered by a new file being created in a monitored folder. That VBA script is: Set objEmail = CreateObject("CDO.Message") objEmail.From =...
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    Choose Which Calendar/PST Creates Reminder

    In Outlook 2010, can I choose which open PSTs generate calendar reminders? I only want the default PST calendar to generate alarms/reminders, not other open PSTs. Thanks.
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    Choose Which Calendar/PST Creates Reminder

    New OS, new Outlook version, old methods. I need some direction. I did use Windows XP Pro and MS Office XP; now using Windows 7 and Office 2010. Every year I start a new PST file. I create a copy of last year's, delete the e-mails from the complex sub-folder arrangement, but leave the...