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  1. Reji Rajan

    Save Attachments to the Hard Drive

    Hi Diane, Firstly thank you for this wonderful code, i have been using this code for the past 1 year & it has worked like a charm. I recently changed my laptop & am using windows 10 now, i did add this code to the new laptop but for some reasons, the macro doesn't work, it doesn't run, doesn't...
  2. Reji Rajan

    Double spotting

    Yes, this is all in excel, will try that forum, anyways, thanks for the suggestion
  3. Reji Rajan

    Double spotting

    Hi All, Got a weird one this time, the software that I work on, gives me an excel sheet that we use to check commercial placements.( advertisements). The sheet is made of different shows that are played throughout the day with each event having a corresponding time & duration. Now this sheet...
  4. Reji Rajan

    Delete Data

    I get a weekly report which has datewise & timewise data, is there a way where I could select the first date on the extracted report & delete some data as per the timeband that I need, likewise select the end date & then delete some more data. I have managed to delete the data as per my required...