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    Importing OE6 e-mail to Outlook via Store Folder

    I have OE6 on PC-1 and want to import the e-mail to Outlook on PC-2. Unfortunately, PC-1 does not have Outlook on it and PC-2 does not have Outlook Express on it. I did manage to locate the Store Folder { ... } for PC-1 and transferred this PC-2's C-drive. I searched via Google and saw...
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    Display of photo images directly within the e-mail message

    Does anyone know if there is a setting to allow display of photos within the e-mail itself? I thought that is usually the way Outlook is designed but in several e-mails I examined, in which someone sent me jpegs, there are framed areas on the page w/ a red X in the upper left-hand corner but no...
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    Killing reading pane - "globally"

    I don't care for the Reading Pane feature. I chews up valuable real estate, etc. So, I'd like to kill it. I note that once it's turned off in the main Inbox, it reappears on other folders. Is there not a way to globally shut it down? There doesn't appear to be but maybe someone knows of a...
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    Limit on importing Inbox mail from OE6

    This is my 1st post to this forum. My Outlook is part of Office 2003. I set up a new Outlook account and tried to import my mail/addresses/settings from OE6. Mind you, my INbox in OE6 is fairly large (1,176,730). The e-mail messages run from Feb. 2007 to present. The import went like...