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    Corrupt Outlook PST file, is it recoverable?

    Seems you need to use a tool which can help you read the PST file in raw mode and help you get the messages from corrupt pst file Find ReadPST FREE tool and check if you are able to recover the messages from PST file or not.
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    Copy individual file folders in Outlook 2010 PST to a My Documents folder

    What you can do is to break the big PST file into smallers parts. Create 5 -10 New Empty PST file and then move few folders from OLD PST file to these new PST files. And then close the PST files from within the Outlook. Now you can easily copy all PST files easily to a new machine in...
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    Bulk import of PST files into Outlook

    I have got 318 PST files on a external drive. Is there any way to import all 318 PST files in on go into Outlook. I know I can use File -> Open -> Outlook Data File But its not feasible to do for all 318 files. If anybody have a suggestion, please help.