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    How to validate any email address before it is sent

    Just to confirm. So it is not enough if you can actually see the full email address being sent to, you actually want to test if the particular email address is valid?
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    Auto name checking upon Tab or Click off To field(s)

    Hi Brian, As an alternative to a delay, you could look into using various add-ins for preventing accidental emails being sent. "Safeguard Send" and "SafeSend" are a few that do this in various forms, they might help you.
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    Is there a way to disallow sending from certain addresses to specific email addresses?

    This add-in gives you a warning you when you are sending an email to external recipients. Not sure if it is what you are looking for. Link:
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    Preventing users to disable an Outlook Add-in

    Yea Diane, it seems it is only possible to prevent users from disabling add-ins in Outlook 2013 or later.
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    Preventing users to disable an Outlook Add-in

    Thank you! From the docs it looks like this is only available in Outlook 2013 or later:
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    Preventing users to disable an Outlook Add-in

    Is there any way to make an Outlook Add-in so that it cannot be disabled by users? The Add-in is such in nature that system admins do not want to allow users to disable it. I know that if it is installed by an admin, it will not be possible for the user to uninstall it. But an user can still...
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    Addin / macro / rule to highlight email addresses outside company in To: field

    Is there an add-in or a way to highlight email addresses in the To: or cc: field that are going to an address outside my organization automatically to avoid accidentally typing/autocompleting an unintentional address? Hi, yes I created just such an add-in. Try it out and see if it fit your...