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    She will try and open the mailbox from home with xenapp. The server logs are fine. Have also tried ping -l 1500 -t server from her computer. We have still exchange 2007 public folders loaded with TCP/IP I though this might be the bottleneck... She is connected to several public folders (in...
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    Emails are always deleted even if that error message appears. Usually outlook works normally at startup and gives error messages randomly. In eventlogs you can see several ivent ids 26 "Connection to Microsoft Exchange has been lost. Outlook will restore the connection when possible." at...
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    Wrong display name in from column when removing pf replication

    Hello, We have 2 exchange 2007 servers with public folders replicated. I would like to decommission one of them as there are no more user mailboxes on it. I've moved the PF location but after this, new emails comming from a mail enabled public folder mail had the wrong display name in the...
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    Hello, One of our users has lot of issues since we migrated her from exchange 2007 to 2013. Her mailbox has 7 Gb, she has several favorite links to public folders. She gets constantly an error message when trying to delete a message and finaly the message is deleted. "the item cannot be...