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    Create Custom Form

    I am attempting to create a custom audit form in Outlook that would allow me to check boxes corresponding to completed tasks and then email those results to specific people. I have the form created and I have a READ page and a COMPOSE page set up, but when I test this by sending it to myself...
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    Outlook Custom Form

    Well I am looking for the code to put in there actually. I used the routingslip and that did not work. I used this code that you had on another thread and when I send out the form via email it all shows up fine, but when I click the command button, nothing happens...
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    Outlook Custom Form

    I have created an Outlook Custom form using Outlook 2010 and I am trying to add a COMMAND BUTTON on the bottom of the form so that the recipient can click that button and it will send me an email confirming the corrections called out in the form. I am very close and have tried several things...