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    Why are some email automatically going to "archive"

    had this problem for years. Office365 cloud and local "current" Outlook There are no rules local or on cloud moving anything to archive. Way too many important emails going to the archive folder for this to be user accidentally doing this on Win 11 pc or on Iphone.
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    did MS ever add way to text via Outlook

    i do use Red Oxygen, I've contacted them to ask. Didn't think one could text "vca" or wev those calendar thingees are.
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    did MS ever add way to text via Outlook

    if you don't know the recipient's cell phone carrier ?
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    Outlook launch email showing new unread email in reading pane

    I've had similar problem for a year w local Office365 Outlook. There will be unread email displaying when first opening inbox that are from two or three months ago. I don't notice their received date and reply even though I had resolved the customer's question already. I think it's machine...
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    Is there a way to completely disable the "archive" box?

    Don't know how I do it, but quite a few of my received emails move to archive where I forget to read them.
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    Outlook saved template function too limited

    As I think about it, it's not so much a size limitation of templates (isn't it 32kb?) but difficulty finding the template if I have saved a few dozen of them. If I use the built in View Template, it doesn't let me navigate thru a tree of folders and subfolders If I use the method here...
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    Does this really work and get thru virus and malware blocks?

    is that the setting where you don't get prompted to download pictures?
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    Outlook saved template function too limited

    I think there's a maximum character size to it. Any third party ones that work with Office365, store templates in their cloud or yours, and work with Outlook profiles that contain more than one mail account? The Topalt one gets confused by that. SalesHandy offers a subscription one.
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    Does this really work and get thru virus and malware blocks?

    Outlook Read Receipt | Track email opens without the recipient knowing ( something about inserting a pixel in your outbound mail that notifies SalesHandy when a recipient opens the email. Len Raphael
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    isn't there an OL add-on that flags addressee before sending

    Can't find the one I once used, but this seems to provide similar function. But don't know the overhead. Check Outlook emails before sending them - Outgoing email checker ( the one I once used was simpler.
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    isn't there an OL add-on that flags addressee before sending

    sometimes when dashing out an email I forget to read entire address and it goes to the person. e.g. instead of don't recall which add-on would let one flag specific addressess and pop up a warning asking if you really wanted to send that person. If my memory...
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    Email with correct To address but displaying name of a related person

    Have had this issue for years despite creating new profiles and going Options, Mail, Empty Auto-Complete. An Outlook tech wanted me to create yet another profile. Instead I blundered around and found a function in OL called "linking". Which I had never intentionally used. Have to change View...
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    Outlook saved email templates

    Office 365 Outlook "templates" function has a limit of 32kb aggregated total size of templates. That maxes out quickly. But still no response from Topalt.
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    Outlook saved email templates

    Office 365 Outlook "templates" function character max is too low for my templates. I've been trying to use the template utility from Topalt but it's not stable with my Outlook. is anyone using Topalt email templates reliably on Outlook 64 bit? Len Raphael Oakland CA
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    unblocking attachments before sending Office 365 Advanced Protection

    used to be a free utility that one could use to override local Outlook attachment blocking rules. Does that still work and available if Office 365 Advanced Protection Azure is enabled? it's a file ending in .crt that I want to email to my phone.
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    Deleting Office 365 calendar appt w/o emailing invitees

    sheesh. apart from how does one tempararily go offline without deleting an account or turning off the network connection, is it easier going to the portal and doing something fast there?
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    Deleting Office 365 calendar appt w/o emailing invitees

    Can you delete a one-time appointment in Office 365 Outlook calendar without sending an email to original invitees? A lot of times the invitee and I have already agreed to cancel the appt, so need to send anything more to the invitee(s) One search turned up a posting saying that it can only be...
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    Favorites don't update

    Office 365, local Outlook: have about 22 "favorites" for 2 different Office 365 accounts that are in my local profile. Some of the favorites only show up in the favorite lists sometimes. Not a matter of waiting. Sometimes "updating" makes them display. But usually I have to remove them and add...
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    How to sync Outlook, iphone and Google calendars and contacts?

    for reasons i've never figured out or gotten good answer from mobile Outlook support, there are many contacts that i can easily find in the portal or desktop OL, but not on the Iphone Outlook app. I can find them easily on the Apple contact app.
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    Can signatures synch to Office Portal

    I create them locally and they don't seem to synch, at least not to other pc's logged into same Office account. If i had created them from the portal would they have synched to local machines?