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    Add private notes or comments to Outlook meeting invite

    If I click save, it automatically prompts whether to send an update (otherwise the changes will be lost). :(
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    How to display multi-line task in To-Do List - Outlook 2010

    As above, Tasks are shown in a single line by default and makes it very difficult for me to get an overview of ALL my subtasks in Outlook 2010 Task view. Currently, I'd need to click on each task to see the details (on my right preview pane). If I just want to add sub-tasks as a multi-line in...
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    highlighted dates in Yearly View for Outlook 2010

    Hi guys, I managed to see the yearly view using the instructions here: How to View a Yearly Calendar However, there are some issues. 1. Sometimes, it does not bold the dates where there are events happening on those dates. How do I restore that function? Example here: 2. I have different...
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    Add private notes or comments to Outlook meeting invite

    My clients send me Outlook invites often. I would like to append notes or comments to such an Outlook invite, in such a way that: 1. My client will not be able to see the notes 2. I won't have to send an update to every invitee or the creator of the invite, after adding the note or comment I'm...
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    Setting default format for composing/replying to emails

    that's still an additional step. I'd like it to be the default (i.e. nothing has to be clicked upon) whenever I compose a new email. any idea how it can be achieved? Thank you.
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    Tasks & Productivity in Outlook

    Hi guys, I have 2 questions regarding Tasks in Outlook: 1. Under the to-do list view in Tasks tab, is there a way to filter the list by Flagged Emails vs. DIY-input tasks filed under various Task folders? 2. What is the recommended workflow for tracking a task to completion? a. The...
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    Setting default format for composing/replying to emails

    Hi all, There is a certain format which I need to adhere to when composing or replying to emails. These are the following points: 1. It starts with Hi xxx, 2. It is followed by a numbered list, a. with special first line indentation, and b. spacing between each numbered point...
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    Permanent line spacing for numbered lists

    i see. anyone else knows?
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    Permanent line spacing for numbered lists

    Is there a way to make this formatting setting permanent? That is, I'd like to have one para spacing between each main point, but the subpoints (a,b,c,d) should not have any spacing. It is rather time consuming to have to manually do the spacing everytime I create the numbered list. Thanks...
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    flagging replies - several questions

    Hi guys, Have a few questions here: 1. In inbox mode, hitting "Insert" would flag a message. In "Reply" mode, is there any hotkey that would help to flag the message too? Note that I do not want to use Quicksteps or Quick Access Toolbar to do so. Hitting Ctrl+Shift+G gives me a dialog box...
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    "Pre-filled" text in each new message

    In every new message, I would always like to remind myself of certain principles before sending them out (e.g. brief, concise, coureous etc). While I could start with that template and manually delete these lines later, I'm afraid I might forget and accidentally send them out too. Is there...