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    Windows 7 - Outlook 2007

    hmm, check the firewall/antivirus programs. Disable them and see if that helps.
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    Windows 7 - Outlook 2007

    I would double check your pop server port settings and smtp port settings. Depending on who you use, you may need to specify specific port numbers. For example, gmail requires a certain port numbers specified. Pepe Loving Hosted Exchange at
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    show bcc field when viewing a sent message

    To add BCC field to view in Sent Folders in Oulook 2010: 1. Click on "Sent Folders" 2. Select "View" from Ribbon Menu at the top of Outlook 3. Click "Add Columns" 4. Select "Address Fields" in the drop down menu 5. Select "Bcc" Good Luck!
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    PST reached maximum size- cant delete emails to slim it down

    have you tried to repair your PST file? see the following link:
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    Outlook 2007 - forwarded emails

    To clarify, do you mean you have a setting to forward? example: to If this is the case and you will not see the messages in your sent folder b/c the forward is usually set from the server. You would normally login to the server options and set that is in...
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    Default IMAP account not working after SP1 for Outlook 2010 installed

    You can always try to uninstall the hotfix and see if that resolves the problem.
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    Sent emails remain in Outbox

    Not familar with Scaliz per se, but could his PST file be corrupted or locked up.
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    Can't close Personal Folders after switching to Exchange 2010

    The program is probably trying to remove a data file PST in a location the location that does not exist anymore. I would create a temp PST with the exact name of that data file and place it in the location as pointed in outlook. Then, attempt to remove that data file from outlook.