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    How can I stop Outlook 365 duplicating the posts?

    How can I stop Outlook 365 from sending duplicate messages to the incoming box? Furthermore, when I move one of the duplicates to a file folder and delete the other, instantly another duplicate message is generated. How can I stop this from happening?
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    How to add a column named categories when searching in Outlook

    Prior to changing to Outlook 365, when I searched an item, it included a column stating where the items were located. Where can I find this feature now?
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    Importing other e-mail accounts into Outlook

    I imported two email account to my Outlook file. How do I make one to be the primary account so that when I open Outlook that is the one highlighted?
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    Using Outlook to view Office 365 e-Mail

    I am using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 on my Laptop (Qosmio X505). I like using Outlook to view all my e-Mail accounts. I already have other e-Mail accounts from hotmail & gMail that sync to my Outlook so that I do not have to view them from their domain site. My job now uses Office 365...
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    Adding a g-Mail account to view in Outlook

    Problem Solved! After doing all the changes in Outlook and the screen returns to E-mail Accounts… ensure that the path next to the button entitled “Change Folder” is for the correct account Inbox. Otherwise the mail will be delivered to your main server account Inbox. In this case I needed to...
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    Adding a g-Mail account to view in Outlook

    I just set up a g-Mail account to come into Outlook and it tested OK. However, when I synchronized the g-mail account with Outlook, the incoming files did not come through to the correct Inbox. Instead, they came through to the Cox Inbox. I am using a server. I checked the...
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    outlook to save copy of hotmail?

    I used the Outlook Connector, followed the steps and it seems to work fine. I just went to Hotmail and deleted the junk mail & emptied the deleted folder. When I came back to Outlook those folders had not changed. I have to manually do the same in Outlook.