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    Can't Locate an Unread Message in my Outlook view pane

    The Inbox folder in the folder pane indicates I have an unread message but I am unable to locate it in the view pane.
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    Outlook 2013 Task Recurrence - Third Friday After the Second Tuesday

    Thanks, Diane for the quick response. I thought that was the case. I will manually update the task each time it comes due.
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    Outlook 2013 Task Recurrence - Third Friday After the Second Tuesday

    Hi, I am trying to set up a Task recurrence that will come up monthly on the third Friday after the second Tuesday. For June the second Tuesday is the 8th and the third Friday would be the 25th. I have studied the recurrence section of the Task app without success. Appreciate your...
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    Color Code New Calendar Items

    Diane, Thank you for your response. I think I need one more bit of help. I am using CSV so I will add a color category field. Do I show the color by name, RGB or Hex. For example (Blue, RGB(0,0,255), or #OOOOFF. Thank you
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    Color Code New Calendar Items

    Hi, I am going to add holidays for two additional company locations to Outlook 2010 from a CSV file. Can I add a color to indicate the other locations via a field in that CSV file? Thank you
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    Copy Task to Non-Microsoft PIM "Rainlendar"

    Hi - Diane - First, Thanks very much for all previous help. I am able to copy appointments to my personal account as ics files from 2010 Outlook to Rainlendar by emailing them to my Thunderbird account and then importing them to Rainlendar. Is there a process to copy Tasks from Outlook to...
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    Merge two archive calendars

    I somehow created multiple archive calendars. There is data in both calendars but for different dates. Have not come across any data in both calendars for the same date. If you can how would I merge the two calendars into one? Thank you
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    Recurring Task End Date Varies

    Diane, Thanks very much for the responses. I will try your suggestion to create the tasks in Excel and then import them to Outlook. I found your tutorial on importing from Excel to Outlook as well as your hint about exporting Tasks so you know which fields need to be populated in the CSV file.
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    Recurring Task End Date Varies

    Hi, I have a monthly task that starts each month on the 19th but is not due until the last Tuesday of the month. How would I set up a recurring schedule for this? Thank you
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    Split Screen

    Thanks for publishing Outlook Tips. Wondering if the Split Screen tip emailed today is also applicable to 2010 or was first introduced in 2013? I followed your instructions but did not see "Split". Thank you