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    i-Phone 6s Plus receiving 2 notifications from Outlook email

    I have an i-Phone 6s Plus. I installed the Outlook app (for work). I set it up to receive email notifications. I am receiving 2 notifications for each email. Sometimes I receive 3. This has been going on for several months. If I disable notifications in settings, I do not receive any email...
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    Office 365 manage another person's calendar

    We just moved to Office 365. I can change meeting invite information on calendars that I manage (changes to the body of the invite using the client) but I am unable to do so in Outlook web access. Is there a way to make changes to someone else's meeting invite on a calendar that I manage via...
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    Calendar template

    Thank you. Looks like we will need to go back to the drawing board and create with tabs and default fonts!
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    Calendar template

    I created a calendar template for an appt that has cells from an excel file in the text box (also tried a word table). I saved the template. No problem until I open it. The last two of 4 columns change font and font size. Not sure why - so I added text to the cells in the correct font and...
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    email arrows - respond and forward

    Hello! I have two rules: 1) forward certain emails 2) redirect certain emails I have tested both rules - and they work. The problem - the arrow icon does not show when it is forwarded/redirected. Did I miss a step when I set up the rules? Also, if I forward an email manually -...
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    Print multiple pocket calendars on one page

    Diane, Thank you for your response. You are correct - same 4 calendars on one page. I have tried a variety of ways with no luck as well. Thanks again! Patty
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    Print multiple pocket calendars on one page

    I would like print 4 pocket calendars (same calendar) on one page. How can I do this? I have selected 4 pages per sheet with no luck. Thank you.