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    BCM not installing properly with Outlook 360

    I forgot the specs. I have BCM 2013 and use Outlook 365 on Windows 8.1 64 bits.
  2. J

    BCM not installing properly with Outlook 360

    My reaction is a bit late :-), but I have a similar problem. Did you already find a solution? Joepiet.
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    Outlook 2013 not holding bottom navigation settings

    Are there any developments on this bug? Or are there still to few reactions for MS to take action?
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    Weird naming of fields in Contacts

    Since one or two months there is something wrong with the naming of some fields in the contacts, accounts and potential customers windows. Under 'Internet' the first field should be 'E-mail'; now it is 'E-mail2'. Under 'Telephone numbers' the first field is 'Home', it should be 'Work'. There...
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    Old problems that never die

    I have a problem that is very old. It has to do with the way BCM handles e-mailmessages and appointments. In the menu of a contact person you have the e-mail icon. Clicking on it gives the email window, but doesn't put the e-mail adress of the contact in the 'To' field. The same with...
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    adjusting size of selfmade fields

    You can introduce your own fields in BCM, but how can you adjust the size of the fields? There now only exist a possibility to switch between broad and small (whole and half width), but more precise sizing seems impossible. Or am I wrong?