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    Macro to block senders domain

    I would like a macro to allow me to add the email to all ways to block future mailings. IE. Junk List Block sender Block Domain Can anyone help?
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    Folder tools

    I have over 600 folders in my inbox. I would like a quick way to navigate to a given folder. Rigth now if I need to goto the folder "steve" i need to scroll thru all the a-s folders first. Is there a tool or shortcut like CTR+"S" that would take me directly to the first "S" folder in the list?
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    Imported Contact Issues

    Have you had a chance to revisit this?
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    Imported Contact Issues

    I have 6 contact folders., Ie. east coast clients - west coast clients - Canadian clients, etc. To reiterate the problem. I took a small folder - Canadian - exported and deleted the folder. Took the csv and cleaned up the files. Imported back to a folder. And now the are no longer showing up as...
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    Imported Contact Issues

    No apologies needed. I appreciate the help. When I click the to button I can indeed find the contact sub folder as well as the contacts there. In the Address book it states "Choose Automatically".
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    Imported Contact Issues

    Anyone ???
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    Imported Contact Issues

    I exported a small contact sub folder to a CSV file so I could clean it up more easily. I then deleted the contents of that contact folder and imported the corrected contacts back into it. Now when I go to a received email from one of those contacts and hover over the senders address the pop up...
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    Inbox field customization

    My company uses the Job Title field extensively. I would like to be able to add that as a filed in the main inbox view but can find no category header that will allow this. Can this be done?