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  1. Darth Andy

    Internet Calendar Subscriptions.pst bloating file size....

    I hate to be a 'me too', but I just found out that mine was 20 Gig! (Outlook reports the size as a few Meg) Deleting the Internet Calendar Subscriptions.pst file seems to do the job as a workaround, but it shouldn't be getting anywhere near that size :-( Internet calendar is Google
  2. Darth Andy

    Reminders don't pop up and stay hidden in background

    I posted this before, but no-one appears to have noticed ;-) You can use VB to give you an on-top pop-up: Private Sub Application_Reminder(ByVal Item As Object) If TypeOf Item Is AppointmentItem Then MsgBox "There's a reminder! Click OK to see it", vbSystemModal...
  3. Darth Andy

    Bring back the Reminder Bell on Appointments

    Perhaps you have more variable types of appointments in your calendar than me, but doesn't the subject tell you if you would have likely set a reminder or not? I suspect this is not going to be an issue for most people, but as a workaround, have you considered colour categories for...
  4. Darth Andy

    Performance with Exchange

    They're probably drowned out by all the times we click the "not useful" link on error dialogs ;)
  5. Darth Andy

    Add Option to remove "Links" area form Navigation Pane

    Well you can drag them down to be just a single horizontal row which gets them mostly out of the way. Also, they are actually useful - try dragging an email to the calendar or tasks shortcut and see what happens.
  6. Darth Andy

    Support Animated GIFs in Outlook

    I'm perfectly happy with getting pictures inline or as attachments, but would say no to animation. Also, one of the most succesful spam filtering rules I've seen was blocking any message with a gif in it that doesn't come from a contact in your address book. (doesn't work in Outlook...