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  1. Cathy Rhone

    Mail rule issue

    In the words in sender address, you could probably use as little as jbhifi - but yes, "" will work.
  2. Cathy Rhone

    Quick steps delete original email and move reply/sent email to folder

    Does the quick steps work in the shared mailbox? You could use a macro to do it.
  3. Cathy Rhone

    Mail rule issue

    Are you using a rule for "words in the email address" ? Or words in the message header, but only if the domain is not common and only used by the spammer. If you use the junk email filter, you need to add everything after the @ sign.
  4. Cathy Rhone

    Recommendations Pro/Con various Stellar utilities

    The only product of their that I've used was the ost to pst - it worked fine.
  5. Cathy Rhone

    Outlook 2016 Change Paste Special Default Format

    That sounds like a picture placeholder. Are you pasting the png the same way? If you are, then its not a picture placeholder.
  6. Cathy Rhone

    Mail merge error message

    When I send a mail merge, I'm receiving an error error message that Outlook is out of resources. I click k and the merge works, but the dialog is annoying. Any ideas? It started about 2 weeks ago. I have all office 365 updates installed.
  7. Cathy Rhone

    The properties of the message have been changed

    Is this bug fixed yet?
  8. Cathy Rhone

    gmail listed multiple times

    That worked perfectly.
  9. Cathy Rhone

    gmail listed multiple times

    Thank you. I'll try it.
  10. Cathy Rhone

    gmail listed multiple times

    I tried adding my gmail account to outlook and it failed. So I tried again. Now I have the gmail address listed 3 times on the left. How do I remove the extra ones? When I try to remove them, the error says they are linked to an account.
  11. Cathy Rhone

    TextBox on Custom Form Page :: Passing value from sender to the recipient

    It sounds like the field that holds the custom values isn't present on the recipients end.
  12. Cathy Rhone

    OL2010 Button to Insert First Name

    Do you just need an inputbox ? That would ask for you to type something. strName = InputBox("Enter the name") Then you'll use strName in the code where the name goes.
  13. Cathy Rhone

    Required VBA code to complete task when replied to

    Rules won't work for this. If you want the flagged marked automatically when you click the Reply button, you'll need to use an Item_Reply event macro. That is the extent of my programming knowledge, D. or someone else will need to tell you how to do it.
  14. Cathy Rhone

    Syncing Past events from Outlook 2013 to

    Did you copy the events into the calendar? They don't always sync up; sometimes they will if you edit them.
  15. Cathy Rhone

    Irregular repeating appointments: add-in not working

    What version of Outlook do you use? If 2010 (maybe 2007 too) , select the WS addin in Addins and click the Addin options button. What is it set on?
  16. Cathy Rhone

    VBA code to determine 'show' state of SearchBar

    On the second question, it shouldn't work like that. I'm not sure if its a focus thing or just that the enter key is not registering. It has happened to me too. Diane is on vacation this week and she (or someone else) will need to the other question.
  17. Cathy Rhone

    Can't recieve emails sent to self

    Does it work if you use Safe mode? To start Outlook in Safe mode, close Outlook and hold Ctrl while you click the Outlook icon to reopen in Safe mode. You'll get a warning that you are using safe mode, so you know if it worked. Do you have web access to your account? If so, log into the web...
  18. Cathy Rhone

    Outlook .tmp files

    Outlook creates temp files for the pst files it opens and the temp won't be closed when it crashes so the temp files itself is not unusual. Are you sure that is the folder where the pst was stored?
  19. Cathy Rhone

    Sent folder only shows "From", not "To" column

    You need to reset the view on the folder. Click or right-click on the field names above message list and choose Custom from the bottom, then Reset.