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  1. larry

    From field in outlook 2007

    As long as the From name is an actual account and not a shared mailbox address, you can save the template with the account selected and it should work (it did years ago). If that doesn't work, you can set the account and open the template using a macro.
  2. larry

    Contact address disappears when opened to edit

    It's stored only in the contact. It's possible the view was corrupt.
  3. larry

    Script needed for replying to email address in body of receiving email

    Do you have two separate accounts or do the addresses share one mailbox on the server?
  4. larry

    Outlook 2010 sent emails vanish

    A 0kb message indicates a problem syncing, confirming the error message. ;-) Have you tried deleting the imap data file and letting outlook rebuild it? (Any mail not synced to the server will be lost.) That may fix the problem. Check the Sync issues folder and see if it reports a problem in...
  5. larry

    Leave Calendar Request Triggers To Supervisors

    Have you looked at moderated calendar? That will send the appointment to the folder owner for approval. I haven't used it in the current versions but it's worth looking into. I don't think office 365 supports folder rules like older versions of exchange did.
  6. larry

    very slow attachments

    The usual cause is mapped drives, but it if it works in a second outlook profile, that wouldn't make sense - unless the second profile was a windows profile and the network drive wasn't mapped.
  7. larry

    Are reminders local or global?

    The reminders are stored on the server and synced to all of your computers - if you dismiss the reminders in web access, they are dismissed everywhere. Snooze them. Office365 has an option to disable reminders online; if only this was an option in on-prem Exchange too.
  8. larry

    Where did my categorized emails go?

    The Quick Click box on the right? Microsoft removed it. You can right click and use the category menu or the Categorize button on the ribbon. There are some macros around here or on to create buttons for specific categories so you don't need to right click. Are you using the...
  9. larry

    Use contacts from other mailbox

    If they want to use the contacts in a shared mailbox as an address book, t needs to be opened as an account, not as a shared mailbox. They can add it as an account using their username and password, as long as the mailbox is not automapped to their profile. When adding the account, use the...
  10. larry

    Outlook indexing items increasing, indexation never finishes

    Do you have all Office 2007 and Windows updates installed?
  11. larry

    Email styling

    It's a bad idea to use a header and footer on all email, but you can do it on new messages using stationery.
  12. larry

    IMAP account personal folders disappeared

    The folders would be in the mailbox on the server. Login into web access to view them. Outlook should sync them down on the next sync.
  13. larry

    Outlook 2013 IMAP Sync Issues

    I understand this is by design so that you can send mail and check for new mail while its downloading old mail. It's supposed to stall then start back up on its own if you leave it alone. This usually means the message is corrupt. I'll leave it to someone else to guess at why. Older...
  14. larry

    Journal and tasks

    The functions are separate. You can create a journal entry for a task, but when you create a journal entry, it won't create a task. The journal is like a diary and records things you did in Outlook. Things you put in the journal are only in the journal. Microsoft is disabling many of the...
  15. larry

    I want my OST file permanently deleted

    Is the ost file listed in File, Account Settings, Data File tab? The 16,xxx KB files are blank, which makes sense since Outlook isn't syncing to them.
  16. larry

    Change Category in a Task via macro

    The last macro D posted, #4 works here in Outlook 2007. To use it with Tasks, remove these lines: ' if working with messages arySelection.Item(x).FlagStatus = olFlagComplete and remove the ' from this one. ' for tasks use this instead 'arySelection.Item(x).Status = olTaskComplete...
  17. larry

    RE: unable to delete large message clogging outbox

    Set Outlook offline and/or disconnect from the internet and wait a few minutes for outlook to stop trying to send it, then delete it or open it and remove the attachment. If it's really large, it may take some time for Outlook to stop sending it, so be patient.
  18. larry

    Body of email not visible in Outlook Data File Sent Folder

    That means the message you typed wasn't really added to it. Try saving/closing the message then opening the draft copy to add notes.
  19. larry

    appending 'Date Modified' to autosave script

    Here is more on FSO: You'll need to Dim and Set the filesystem object, then get the modified date from the attachment and change the name. I'm not sure if you can get it from the attachment before its saved; if you need to get it...
  20. larry

    filtering email with missing TLD to Junk

    I'm surprised the mail server accepts mail from invalid addresses. You won't be able to block the address, but if the Unicode character code is always the same you can create a rule to delete messages with that in the sender's address. Check the message header for character encoding, you...