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  1. Netpilot

    How To Break Up Huge POP3 Downloads?

    Someone has asked me to help switch from EarthLink's web-based email client to Outlook 2013. There are just over 14,000 emails in the inbox, and I need to download them to a PST file, then keep only the last 30 days of messages online going forward. My past experience with POP3, being a...
  2. Netpilot

    ScanPST.exe Missing Repair Button

    @makinmyway: If I may offer some advice from my recent experience... I had a PST file that ScanPST.exe couldn't fix. The first two passes reduced, then eliminated the errors having to do with the usual csFree and refcounts. But on the third pass, ScanPST window said: Only minor...