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    have hundreds of non delivered emails

    @Diane - would you please explain me this a bit more clear? "I would type a bunch of words in notepad along with the new password then copy the password and paste it in, instead of typing directly in the password field." Regards, GO
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    How to Uninstall Outlook 2007

    Thanks for the information. I do move the emails to inbox. I go with Forum admin where that is not the problem with Outlook. I did not tried OWA option. @FA - Any process to solve this using OWA option? Regards, GO
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    30GB Gmail account and Outlook 2010

    @latitudeit - ThumsUp. -GO
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    Email account gone

    @latitudeit - What if there are more than 1 .pst file? -GO
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    Gmail gone?

    Might be you have selected the option of "Skip inbox" while creating labels. - GO
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    Mail on both laptop and mobile at same time

    Check your mobile Active sync settings again. Regards, GO.
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    Outlook not syncing with iCloud

    @Vincenzo - Will give a try even from my end. Let me check whether this solves my problem aswell. Regards, GO.
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    BCC lists addressees

    BCC would perform its job. Check once again whether you are putting them into correct field or not. Regards, GO.