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    Save all incomming and sent mails to folder on PC as .msg files

    I use the "Save Sent Emails To" and "Direct Replies To" features under the Options tab and it works great. I just have to remember to set them for every mass email. Unfortunately, the "From" feature under the Options tab is grayed out when using mass email - I would like to set the From address...
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    Mail Merge vs Direct Mail Print

    After working with both, I agree with Diane. We use Direct Mail Print for mail merging letters, so BCM maintains a record of the mailing, and Mail Merge for the labels, to prevent duplicate tracking for the same mailing.
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    Mail Merge vs Direct Mail Print

    Besides the different interfaces, what is the difference between Mail Merge (which has its own menu button) and Direct Mail Print (which falls under the Marketing button)?
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    Tracking BCM Users

    My boss asked me how many employees were actually using BCM 2010. Since they remain connected to the database, no login required, is there any way to determine if anyone is "using" BCM.
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    Customizing Business Cards in BCM

    How do I add or change fields in the Business Card view? Currently, the business cards display only the Full Name, emails and phone numbers. There is no menu item to edit the business card content when I right click. There is a feature titled "Choose Contact Card Fields" available from the...
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    Joining the User Defined Fields to their User Field<n> counterpart

    I'm trying to create custom and ad hoc BCM queries using SQL Server's Query Analyzer. I created 2 new User Defined fields for contacts in BCM such as: Shoe Preference (text) Hat Preference (text) The values for these fields appear in the UserFieldDefinitions.FieldName column as expected...