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    Transfer To New Computer - Lost Some Outlook Functionality

    I recently purchased a new Windows 10 computer. MS Outlook Techs created a new mail file for me and unfortunately, caused a loss of some of my button functionality. I had a Command Button that would open an Outlook Message so I could view the IP Address Properties of a message. Don't recall...
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    Screen Scrape Sender IP Address

    Yes...the macro security in File, options, trust center was set correctly to Enable; however I had not restarted Outlook. So I did that today. I was able to run the macro. It appears to have two options. See above. I'm not sure of the difference between the two; however, when I run...
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    Screen Scrape Sender IP Address

    Diane...hi! Happy New Year. Hope your holidays were fantastic. Recall above you provided a VBA to allow identification of Sender IP Addresses from Outlook. I'm running Outlook 2016 Desktop. I'm unfortunately not a programmer. I'm looking for a little help. I installed the VBA for the...
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    Using field names to capture a data element

    I'd like to know if I can automatically capture/display the following data element from an outlook 2016 desktop email without performing a manual lookup via Internet Headers? While I researched the potential displays, I didn't see anything that fit this field description...
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    Screen Scrape Sender IP Address always Many Thanks!!
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    Screen Scrape Sender IP Address

    Looking for a VBA Script that can use Outlook 2016 Message Options to screen scrape "Sender IP Address" and post either in Excel or Word for further review.
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    Desktop Version Of Outlook Generating Error

    Thanks Diane. I looked at the example included with the VBA. I didn't see that the VBA would extract the actual "Sender" IP which is what I obtain from use of the Message Options. Wonder if there's a way to adjust Outlook Message Options to ignore HTML?
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    Desktop Version Of Outlook Generating Error

    With the latest update to Outlook Desktop, I'm now receiving an error message every time I select Message Options when reviewing mail in my Junk folder. Anyone have any ideas why this message is being displayed and how to stop it? I simply display the message to capture the IP Address. When I...
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    Blocked Sender List @Domain Not Working

    While I've seen similar threads, I haven't seen any solutions to the onslaught of spam emails. I'm trying to block at the domain level and I'm having limited success. I'm receiving up to 100 spam emails per day. Many come in the form of numbers and the numbers are changing constantly. I know...
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    Outlook 2016 Rules Not Working Automatically

    The rule appears to be working correctly now in Outlook 2016. Thanks for your guidance.
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    Outlook 2016 Rules Not Working Automatically

    Diane....thanks for your quick response. I viewed the rule and the word "client" was not posted behind the name in the wizard. I deleted the rule in Outlook 2016. I went to and deleted the rule. I added the rule again but only in Outlook 2016. I'll monitor and see if it works...
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    Outlook 2016 Rules Not Working Automatically

    I built a new rule in Outlook.Com to place email in a folder if certain conditions were met. I'm running a Microsoft Exchange account. I see that migrates the rule to Outlook 2016 desktop. The rule isn't working when mail arrives either at the server or desktop; however, I can go...
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    Can't Delete iCloud Calendar Notifications From Outlook 2016

    I have 4 calendar invites (notifications) showing up in my iCloud Add-In Notification in Outlook 2016. They are all from 2015. I click on one of them and click Decline (Any of the 3 options returns same error) and I get a response that says; I've tried refresh, adding a calendar entry on my...
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    Outlook 2016 - Mail Not Syncing With iPhone Outlook App

    Recently, I noticed my Outlook App on my iPhone is not in sync with my desktop version of Outlook 2016. I tried deleting the App from the phone and adding it back without success. I've tried a couple of "internet" suggestions without success. My iPhone shows 146 messages in the Inbox while my...
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    Outlook 2016 Desktop - Automatic Rule Processing

    Marilyn....believe you'll find what you're looking for here: In Outlook 2016, Click File, Then "Rules and Alerts", Then "New Rule." Scroll down to "Start From A Blank Rule." Click "Apply Rule On Messages I Send", Then Click "Next", Then Select "sent to people or public group." Look toward the...
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    iCloud 5.0 for Windows and Outlook 2016

    Just got off the phone with Apple Support (second level) regarding this issue. They advised their development team has recognized the issue with Outlook 2016 & V5 of ICLOUD.COM and are working on a solution. When I asked about a time-frame for the fix......"we don't currently have a...
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    Outlook 2016 Desktop - Automatic Rule Processing

    Anyone? Anyone?
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    Outlook 2016 Desktop - Automatic Rule Processing

    I'm running Outlook 2016 desktop with Windows 10. I noticed my rule isn't automatically processing incoming mail. I've read "old" posts that talk about corrupted rules and/or mailboxes, but nothing referencing Outlook 2016. I doubt that I have a corruption issue since my install is less than...
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    Missing Drafts (Drafts - This Computer Only)

    Recently my Outlook 2013 started opening in a "Disconnected" status. I tried several online recommended resolutions with no success. Finally I dialed the number. You know, the one for Microsoft Technical Support. Level one couldn't help. Bumped to level 2. After many hours on the phone...
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    Dazed & Confused With Outlook 2013

    So here I am neck deep into Outlook 2013 and drowning. I'm a loooooooong time user and thought I had the hotmail/Outlook 2013 issue(s) solved. Apparently not! I continue running into roadblocks so I'm looking for help. I'm running a single version of Outlook 2013. No servers...