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    Outlook 2013 change proofing language

    Diane Got you stumped also? Stephen
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    Outlook 2013 change proofing language

    Editing Languages: English (Australia) default nothing else.
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    Outlook 2013 change proofing language

    I have tried everything to change the Outlook 2013 proofing language in new messages. Outlook defaults to English-gb. I have changed the default in a new message (then closed and restarted) removed any other dictionaries, tried it in Word, gone into the registry.... Any other tips? Thanks...
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    Modify account template?

    In the communications history of the accounts template I would like to add the field Date Modified instead of Date Created. Otherwise if you update a record it is saved out of order. The work around is make a completely new record. If the “Modified” column added to the History Tab in BCM...
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    BCM - Weird behaviour

    Hi Any update on this annoying issue?
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    BCM - restore default settings

    Some Microsoft net framework updates came through on the weekend but did nothing to fix this issue. Is there someone we can all contact at Microsoft or an alternative product where we can export our data and notes?
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    BCM - restore default settings

    Diane - Any progress with the corrupted labels issue? Can't see it was ever resolved. Stephen
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    BCM at home

    Have you a method to update BCM away from the office? Is there an alternative to a VPN connection like http?