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    No permission to access Outlook.pst file

    Cannot open Outlook 10. Message: 1) Cannot start MS Outlook 2) Cannot open the Outlook Window 3) File access denied 4) No permission to access - C:\Users\XXX\Documents\Outlook.pst I have not created Authorization requirements on this computer. What do I do and how? Many thanks for the...
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    Saved emails in folders I created on left of screen are being erased as I open each folder

    As the contents of these folders are being erased (not the folder itself) the following message is displayed where the email would normally be displayed: outlook blocked access to this potentially unsafe item Does anyone know what is going on? I am losing emails of importance that I...
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    Printing Advanced Search Output Screen

    Hi Diane, Thanks for your response. I can't seem to get a "Copy/Paste" option. I tried right clicking on everything on the page. Perhaps I wasn't clear in my description. Let me try again: 1) Outlook 2010 2) In Contacts: Search Tools > Advanced Find > Advanced > Field (Frequently Used >...
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    Printing Advanced Search Output Screen

    When I do an Advanced Search>Category I get a list of contacts. If I elect to Print I get a full printout of each contacts information. What I want is just a printout of the information on the Screen - a list of basic Contact info. How do I do this? Thank you, Bob
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    Syncing Outlook 2010 between two computers

    I run Outlook 2010 and Windows 7 on a desktop and laptop. I am looking for the most simple, reliable way to sync Contacts, Notes, Categories, Tasks, Calendars, and Email. I have three email accounts: 1) Gmail IMAP; 2) Business account going through the company server IMAP; Business account via...
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    Lost entire Contact Folder in Outlook 2013 - Cloud-based.

    Everything was fine last night. First thing this morning I open my email accounts, all is fine. Open my primary Contact Folder and it is completely empty. Shut down computer, restarted, no difference. What can I do? My email address is: BTW - I have two other Contact...
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    Outlook syncing -- Outlook 365 and Sky Drive and Exchange ActiveSync

    I need to start with the basics. Desktop running Windows 7 and Office 365 Laptop running Windows 7 and Office 365. The following are the same on both computers: Gmail account - IMAP/SMTP GoDaddy account - IMAP/SMTP PC: (1) Exchange ActiveSync In data file...
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    Birthday dates automatically (and improperly) placed in Birthday Details

    Is there any way to remove ALL the birthdays at once or must you remove each manually as you search through every Contact. I do not store birthdays in the Details and somehow they were automatically placed there incorrectly. :o:o