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    Create a custom "Send" Button

    Dear Michael, Many thanks for your input but I'm afraid, I will not be able to implement it seen my lack of knowledge. I started with your second variant for Savesentmail but didn't even succeed in getting that run. For whichever reason, the macro name does not even appear. Could you maybe...
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    Create a custom "Send" Button

    Dear All, In order to track some of the assignments I give to persons, save sent e-mails in a separate folder ("waiting for" not the sent one), categorise them with "waiting for" and have them flagged with a "no date" flag. This involves however a high numbers of clicks which I would like to...
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    automatically moving flagged sent e-mail to a special folder

    Dear All, In order to do a proper follow up on mails I send to people, I would like that all the mails that I send and which I flagged (with whatever date) before sending the mail are saved in a folder "0.Waiting for" instead of in the "sent Items". I would moreover like all these mails to be...