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    Password not accepted

    Outlook 2016, POP3, pst file - I set my password for the data file and it is accepted. However when I open OL it does not require entering a pw. Fix? Thanks.
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    Can't move folder, the folder is full

    Using Outlook 2016, pst file is 1.2 gb. When I try to move a folder as a subgroup into another folder I get the 'folder is full' message. I ran scanpst to no avail.
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    VBA problem in new install

    Diane,I don't expect you to remember, but you helped me create this code, 7 or 8 yrs ago. :-)I finally got this working by copying my existing vbaproject.otm file (along with a number of others - nk2, etc.) to the new computer and fooling around with the digital signatures. For future reference...
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    VBA problem in new install

    I have code which has worked great on 3 different computers over the years. Now I am getting an error message on my latest computer. The code is for a macro that will select a specific contact view (I've got several different views and the project has several subs to view each of these). I am...