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    Send/Receive Error Sending E-Mails Using POP3 GMail Account

    The error " - Sending' reported error (0x8004010F) : 'The operation failed. An object cannot be found." is actually an offline address book error. See: Offline Address Book Error (0x8004010F) - The operation failed. An object cannot be found Ensure that you you are not using...
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    Outlook only starts in safe mode

    By running a Repair, Office Diagnostics or by reinstalling Office/Outlook you can probably resolve this issue. Note that during this process no files or settings of Outlook or other applications will be removed but it will never hurt of course making a backup of your Outlook data before you...
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    PST reached maximum size- cant delete emails to slim it down

    If the PST file is only 944MB the PST may be damaged or corrupt. I would run the ScanPst tool to check for and correct errors. See:
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    OWA - Dead GUI, Won't open inbox messages.

    To be honest with you, this forum is more geared toward end user support. I would suggest asking around on Experts Exchange or ServerFault.
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    Need to merge PST, and remove duplicate items

    You could also create a new Outlook profile and import them one at a time making sure to select do not import duplicates. Once imported you would be able to export as one .pst file.
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    display HTML Rule

    you can try this, dont know if it works in reverse as well Change the message format for all messages for specified recipient Open the contact card for the recipient. In the E-mail box, double-click the recipient's e-mail address. In the Internet Format list, select the...
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    Change order in which multiple exchange accounts are displayed in outlook tree

    Re: Change order in which multiple exchange accounts are displayed in outlook No, the accounts are ordered automatically and cannot be changed. However, for easier access to specific folders, users can right click on a folder and add it to the Favorites box.
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    Opening .PST archive files in Outlook 2007

    Are you simply opening them? (double clicking on the .pst file?) or are you attemping to import them? PST files are ment to be imported into the new data store. To do this see the following:
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    Outlook.pst problem

    You should be able to just remove the other data file and then import it into Outlook, this way you will have everything in one active .pst file.
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    Outlook 2010 won't start in Win 7

    Try opening Outlook in Safe mode. Does it work as expected? (Hold Ctrl as you click on the Outlook icon to start in Safe mode.)
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    outlook 2007

    Does this happen even if you start Outlook in Safe Mode? (hold down CTRL while you click the icon) If the problem doesn't appear when you're running in Safe Mode then it's probably a misbehaving add-in that's causing the issue. Go to Tools | Trust Center | Add-ins and see if there's...
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    Cloudifying Outlook and/or PST files

    The only way I have seen is to use a plug-in for Windows Home Server called WHS Outlook. It will allow you to install Outlook and access it from the WHS connector (any PC in your house) and the remote console (any PC with internet). It does require WHS and the program itself. It allows...
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    mobile OS or apps for sync of all OWA/exchange PIM functions

    I will try to give a breakdown by mobile OS. WM6.5 - one exchange account but supports tasks and notes. WP7 - multiple exchange accounts but no support for tasks and notes. iOS4 - multiple exchange accounts but no support for tasks and notes. Android 2.2 - multiple exchange accounts...
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    Restoring emails

    One option you have is to use a 3rd party OST to PST conversion tool. Once you have converted your .ost to a .pst file you can import the data back into Outlook.