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    Unable to link email messages in BCM using a single microsoft office 365 account in outlook 2013

    Jens, I have the same problem and it's new. I suspect that it has something to do with an update, windows and/or office. I've spent hours on this but no success. If I find anything I'll post here and please do the same. Ken
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    Recover/preserve space in database

    The maximum database size of the BCM database is 4G. I'm not in danger yet but this is such a unique tool for my situation that I want to ensure I keep it viable for a long time. 1. When an email address is "Linked and Tracked" and a given email has an attachment, it appears that the attachment...
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    BCM on SQL Server 2012?

    Nope. Pristine install of Server 2012 and SQL 2014 and enabled port 5356. Confirmed that Azure isn't gonna work for this any time soon.
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    BCM on SQL Server 2012?

    FYI, I have BCM running on SQL Express 2014.
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    BCM and Windows 8.1

    Is there anyway to work-around this 'inferred credentials' implementation? It would be nice to have the WiN8 login remain domain\username without requiring that the server hosting the BCM database be joined to the domain.
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    BCM on SQL Server 2012?

    Diane, Do you know if BCM will run in an Azure SQL instance?
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    BCM on SQL Server 2012?

    Diane, Thank you so much! Doing this made it work: "Right click on TCP/IP and select Properties then select IP Addresses tab. If the IP All-> TCP Port is blank, set it to "5356" (high enough so that no other services are likely using it) and restart the SQL instance." Thus far it seems that...
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    BCM on SQL Server 2012?

    Is it possible to use a remote instance of SQL Server 2012 with BCM/Office 2013? I have a BCM database running on SBS 2008/SQL Server 2008. I want to move the database to a new install of Server 2012 and SQL Express 2012. Is this possible? I've successfully attached a backup of BCM to the...