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    How to provide custom functionality on click of "New"?

    Hi, I am developing an outlook addin in c# I need to take some custom action, when user clicks “New” button or presses “CTRL + N” instead of displaying a new mail message. As there is no onclcik event for commandbarpopup, I tried to add onAction property as follows. But when I run...
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    How to get active inspector window handle?

    I am using findwindow method to find the handle of the active inspector window. But my doubt is if we have two three inspector windows with same caption, as I am supplying classname and caption to the findwindow method, will I get the handle of active inspector. Because for testing...
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    How to resize the instant search pane on click on the icon to expand/

    Hi, I am trying to learn windows api and message handling. I had seen an example of custom task pnae in outlook and I tried to add a custom pane in instant search pane. But when I try to click the icon to expand/ collpase the search pane, it is not expanding / collapsing properly...
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    Index / Search outlook data to provide search assistance in Ol 2003/ 2

    Is there any way to index / search outlook data independent of the outlook version? Can we use windows search or indexing technologies for this as outlook object model is providing limited ways to do this?
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    How to programmatically select a outlook search folder?

    Actually I need to have a window, where user can enter some creteria for search and on click of search, results need to be displayed in the folder view pane. Any ideas on how to do this? I thought of using advancesearch of application, so that it creates search folder. So I...
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    Custom mapi is not displayed in the readingpane. Why?

    I have downloaded sample formserver from microsoft and installed the custom form. The custom form is displyed properly in inspector window. But in readingpnae, it is showing a message as "This item cannot be displayed in the Reading Pane. Open the item to read its contents."...
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    How to install custom mapi form programmatically?

    I have downloaded formserver sample from msdn. With that, it is preparing formserver.exe and .cfg file, I am installing the form manually in outlook. But is there a way to install the custom form programmatically? Please advice.
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    How to add a message to a mapi view folder

    I have to design folderview using mapi. I need some sample code to add a message to the root folder common views as it will have all the views. It will be helpful if any one points me in that direction. I am new to MAPI and C++. Can we add a custom pane to folderview using mapi...