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    Reply marks read message as unread

    Outlook has started to do something annoying. When I rely to a previously read message, the message gets marked as unread. Restarting Outlook has not helped, nor has restarting the PC. It also does this on two different PCs using the same Outlook (2010) and IMAP account. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Can't Send As (From) alias

    I decided to try the Contact method, but I got stuck at delivering the messages to the right mailbox (Mailflow). The directions you provided were for Office 365 Exchange and were a bit difficult to follow in my Exchange 2007 context. Do you have any similar write ups I could look at that would...
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    Can't Send As (From) alias

    Yes, all the addresses are aliases on the same mailbox. Yes, that is pretty much what the Microsoft support tech said, only I think he worded it using "by design". Of course I would expect Exchange to use the Default by default, but to not allow the use of an alias as the From address is just a...
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    Can't Send As (From) alias

    My Exchange server (2007) is set up to send and receive messages for several domains. Each user/mailbox has an alias for each domain. Incoming email for each domain is delivered as expected. However, a user is unable to send a message (generates a bounce with a permissions error) with From set...