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    Outlook 2013 email notifications

    O/L 2013 does not receive mail automatically in imap. I have to click on send/receive each time. I have checked all the settings and they are set correcly. I set up a pop account, and it performs correctly.
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    Oulook 2010 very slow

    "Some time" could be 30 minutes approximately. It is very slow after waking up the PC from "sleep". Your question on add-ins peeked my curiosity. After checking, I found quite a few. I disabled the ones that I thought were unnecessary for my particular uses. So far that has helped speed up...
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    Oulook 2010 very slow

    Outlook 2010 runs very slow after being open for some time. O/look 32 bit, Windows 8. I have tried all of the tips and suggestions I can find in forums and everywhere else I can think of. I have used the repair in programs and features. I have uninstalled and reinstalled.