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    Exporting recovered Deleted Items outside the Inbox

    I have a user who wants to review certain Deleted Items from thousands of recovered messages, for review by specific content criteria. Is there any way to export messages from the Recovered archive, so that they can be opened in an admin mail account and searched? I cannot see a way to do this.
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    Using Word/OL 2010 to generate personalized email messages

    Hi -- I've tried to follow, but I'm not succeeding. I created a simple message document, linked 5 entries in my Contacts folder, verified and matched...
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    OL 2010 - avoiding multiple copies of message when in multiple Contact Lists

    When an external addressee is a member of multiple Contact Lists and all of those lists are used, does OL2010 "automatically" send only 1 copy of the message to him, or must Mail Options be set to avoid his getting duplicates? If the latter, how to go about it?
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    How to avoid reminders from delegators' Calendars?

    I have a delegate for three user's calendars -- she needs to see and add to the calendars, but does not want the reminders for them to pop up on her desktop. Is there a way to accomplish this? r/