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    SearchPublicFolders program

    Hello, bit of a long shot this but I thought I can only ask. I am having issues with Searching Public Folders within Exchange 2016 and I have been trying to find software that might help and came across Searchpublicfolders.exe on which looks quite old and does state that its...
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    Outlook 2016: Searching in all (+public) folders

    Apologies for asking a really stupid question but I have very limited experience with VBScripts as such, but how do I run the above script? Do I run it via CScript in the command prompt or elsewhere?
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    Problem with searching public folders Exchange 2013/16

    Hello, I would like to see if anyone out there can help me please? I apologise if this has been asked before but I have searched for the answers. We recently upgraded our mail server from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2016. With Exchange 2013 in between. I was under the impression that Public...