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    "Normal" Style Changes When Replying

    What I find odd is that while I cannot override the style when I reply, others seem to be able to, although perhaps that is because they are using a different email client. When I compose messages, I use the Normal style (as per the NormalEmail.dotm template) configured as: Spacing...
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    "Normal" Style Changes When Replying

    Is there any way to configure the style used by Outlook when replying to messages so that I could avoid formatting oddities caused by the sender's version of the Normal style? It's interesting that until I press Enter, I can get the font color specified in my stationary to stick in my reply. If...
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    Formatting Styles when Replying

    I realize this is an old thread... So there's absolutely no way that when you reply to a message such that your own styles are used instead of the senders for what you type in your reply? Using stationaries and configuring them to always use your fonts works most but not all the time. Is...
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    "Normal" Style Changes When Replying

    I am using Outlook 2007 and I when I reply to certain emails, I notice that my "normal" style sometimes gets "hijacked" by the sender's configuration I'm guessing. In many cases the fact that I have Outlook configured to always use my fonts under Personal Stationary overrides any issues, but one...