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    What would be the best strategy?

    No, I am using Google Gmail as a free service, but have directed my domain's mx-pointer to be handled by Gmail. It sounds that might be a better solution, especially if I upgrade to Outlook 2013??? I do not know what "Have you been Scroogled" means! :)
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    What would be the best strategy?

    Hi, I have Outlook 2010 on my Windows 7 - 64 bit PC. At the moment I Gmail is handling my domain/email account. I have an iPhone... What would be the absolutly best way if you want seamless syncing over the internet for emails, calendars, contacts and tasks so that I can have everything in...
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    Need help understanding which pst-file to use!

    Hi, My Windows PC has two internal hard drives. One C-drive and one D-drive where I have all my documents. I have just made a fresh install of Windows 7 and MS Office with Outlook 2010 on a new, formatted C-drive. I configured Outlook as an IMAP client to Gmail. On my D-drive I have...