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  1. J

    Up date notifications?

    Hello All, I was wondering if there was a function which enables BCM to notify me when a new account/ Business contact is added to the database? Many thanks Jack
  2. J

    Restricting access to certain features for specific users

    Hello Team, I am currently implementing BCM across a medium sized business and was wondering if there was a way of restricting access to certain features. This specifically relates to the mass communication feature. Many thanks Jack
  3. J

    Missing business contacts!

    Ah thats a shame, never mind! One final question! do you know if there is a way to migrate over pre-existing outlook meetings into BCM? Cheers Jack
  4. J

    Missing business contacts!

    I think ive resolved it! thanks though! Further question, do you know if there is a way to customise the 'Welcome Centre' screen? Many thanks Jack
  5. J

    Missing business contacts!

    Hi Team I cant see all of my Business Contacts whilst trying to allocate them to a Project in BCM 2010, is this a well known issue? Im customising and installing BCM for a medium sized business and would like to resolve this as soon as possible. Any help would be well received Jack