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  1. P account overrules default account

    Drag did it!! When you drag the account too far then account jumps back again. Thaks a lot!
  2. P account overrules default account

    I told you, the default problem is solved. Second question: In the Outlook Naviagation Pane are two accounts. I want to have the default account on the top of the navigation pane, and dragging fails!!
  3. P account overrules default account

    The solution is very simple! Open Outlook/ File/ Options/ Advanced Start and exit Outlook:: Click Browse by "Outlook start in this folder", click on Inbox of the desired account OK. Now this problem: The Outlook account is on top. How do I get my own account on top? Simply shift does not work!
  4. P account overrules default account is an imap account? My provider, Chello, is a part of Ziggo. Ziggo again a part of UPC/Liberty Global USA. The computer club had a help desk in Gmail but has transferred this to Hence the problems any inconvience. I take the link with the "scholars" of the club and see if...
  5. P account overrules default account

    When i start Outlook 2016 then the account is opened and not the default account! On the right side of Outlook 2016 is on top and default account below. It is not possible to move default account on top. Accountsettings: In Tab E-mail you can see that my is the...