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    Need Help with BCM2010 Sharing on outlook 2013 Scenario!

    Hi All, I have a Win 7 desktop with Outlook 2010 and BCM 2010. I am just getting a win 8 laptop with outlook 2013. When I had outlook 2010 on my old win7/outlook 2010, it was possible for me to use shared BCM 2010 data base and stay mobile. Now with the purchase of Win8/outlook 2013...
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    Can't use "manage linking and tracking"

    It is really sad...Time and time again...Microsoft fails to deliver an integrated experience. Products can be nerdy with all fancy features, but when they do not integrate, they look half baked. Hence, the company gets left behind most of the time.
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    Can't use "manage linking and tracking"

    Thanks you so much Diane - I will save you some time, and your weekend as well. For people in the similar situation, I followed other people on thoughts of BCM not supporting multiple exchange mailboxes in the same account. It turns out I had 'Archive' setting enabled on the account, which...
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    Can't use "manage linking and tracking"

    Please help! I have the same problem. I have it on my 64 bit desktop as well as 32bit XP laptop. I do not have iCloud. I have Office365 hosted account with 1 mailbox. Thanks.