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    Importing Text from Excel to Outlook 2013 Calender

    Hello, I'm trying to Import Text from an Excel Sheet weekly to an Exchange Calender (Not my own Outlook). I have tried using the Import/Export function in Outlook but this is not reliable and too cumbersome because it won't Import to Server based Calender, only my own. So I have resorted to try...
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    Import Excel Text into Outlook Calender

    The reference is now set to "Microsoft Outlook 15.0 Object Library", but I still get the error. I have since did a Little more searching and found the below script. It als is not working for me. Can you see any mistakes? Sub createAppointments() On Error Resume Next Dim sheet As...
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    Import Excel Text into Outlook Calender

    The script isn't working for me. I get an error from the 1st line (User-Type not defined) I think it may have something to do with the commands in VB are in German. I don't know if I will be able to translate all the needed text, nor am I certain which text can stay as is. I've attached the...
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    Import Excel Text into Outlook Calender

    Hello, I am trying to Import data from Excel 2013 into Outlook 2013. I tried the Import function but it is too cumbersome. As I live in Germany the , and ; characters are reversed and I can't Change it in my regional settings at work due to a GPO of some kind so I have to save the .csv file as...