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    Move calendar invites to new calendar

    They lose all tracking information, and then new responses don't auto update. I guess this means there isn't any way to do this? We're talking about 50 different calendar invites that need to be moved to the new department calendar, and I really didn't want to have to redo all of them. I was...
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    Move calendar invites to new calendar

    In Outlook 2016 I currently have multiple department events (with multiple invitees who have responded). I need to move these events from my personal calendar to a new departmental calendar, and keep the integrity of the responses. I've tried cut & paste from a list view, but the meeting...
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    Outlook Calendar 2016 import Excel

    We do recurring appointments every year. I exported the calendar from Outlook 2016 to an Excel spreadsheet. We massaged the data (created new appointments for 2017) and I am now trying to reimport it. In the past, I had the option to import different Excel formats. Now it only shows me the...
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    Online Training for Outlook 2013

    Hi: I've applied for a new position that is requiring that I take their computerized testing to verify my Outlook 2013 and Excel 2013 skills. I am presently more familiar with the 2010 versions, and would like to find an online course that I could take to hone my skills in both of these areas...