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    Syncing categories in Outlook for Mac 2011 with Exchange or Gmail

    I am running Outlook 2011 on my Mac with a gmail (personal) account and exchange (work) account. I file all of my emails in a single folder but I do use categories with them. I now have my categories stet up just the way I like. Can I do the following: 1) have these categories synced to a PC...
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    Converting outlook 2010 pop account and folders to imap with gmail

    I have many years of emails sorted into an extensive structure of folders using pop3 in Outlook. My email service is GMail. I would like to convert to IMAP so I can see my folder structure on all devices I use. How do I upload my folder structure, as well. How would I go about doing this? Does...
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    Persistent nuisance number

    That did it. And yes, just like for you, it was a completed task. Thank you.
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    Persistent nuisance number

    Yes, it is in bold with the number 1 in parentheses. If it is an unread task, how do I read it. How do I even see it? It does not seem to be there when I open that folder.
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    Persistent nuisance number

    In Outlook 2010, when I click to open the Tasks window, one of the "Tasks" folder beneath "My Tasks" has the number 1 (displayed in blue). And I do not know why the number is there or how to remove it. any ideas?