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  1. smokiibear

    Custom Today Page

    I've researched and tried some customization guides for Outlook Today page for Outlook 2010. I need to create a custom page that would be a summary for all employees in my company of Job Tasks for a day. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I would consider paying for the customization...
  2. smokiibear

    Share Office 365 Tasks such that Other Users also Are Alerted with Reminder

    Using office 365 and Outlook 2010. Trying to share tasks on company domain so that each party viewing those tasks produce a reminder alert for each user. Can you assist with this? Accounts are hosted through go daddy, if that makes any difference.
  3. smokiibear

    How to modify Today Page to Include tasks from other task folders

    Does anyone know how to modify the today page in outlook 2010 to include tasks from other task folders other than the default? Thank you.
  4. smokiibear

    windows security mail application not accepting username and password

    Trying to setup office 365 account via outlook. I've successfully added my office 365 settings to several computers, but on one computer, during the second setp of autodiscover (search for settings), the windows security dialog appears, entitled mail application, and prompts for my...
  5. smokiibear

    follow-up flag fro Tasks in Outlook 2010

    They are all tasks. But some will uncheck, others will not. Very strange. The tasks that wont are tasks showing the followup is complete, but the status is not started.
  6. smokiibear

    follow-up flag fro Tasks in Outlook 2010

    This doesn't work on all items, just some of them. Go figure.
  7. smokiibear

    follow-up flag fro Tasks in Outlook 2010

    Somehow some of my tasks show that the follow-up reminder is complete, but the tasks are not started. This results in the text being formatted with strike through, which is a nuisance. I cannot figure out for the life of me how to remove the completed check from the follow-up task. The clear...
  8. smokiibear

    Mobile Contacts Corrupted bummed I missed you email. I thought I was subscribed to this post. Thanks for your response. I have created mulitiple new profiles trying to make this work, all to no avail. Any idea why my new profiles are not working either?
  9. smokiibear

    Mobile Contacts Corrupted

    A couple of days ago, my email contacts have also become corrupted. I've tried creating new profiles and setting up my exchange account anew, but nothing seems to be working. My exchange account works just fine on a second computer. Any ideas? Please help! Thanks.
  10. smokiibear

    Mobile Contacts Corrupted

    Tonight, when attempting to send an SMS via Outlook, I pressed on the To button to select a contact from the Contacts (Mobile) address book. None appeared. I've been sending SMS messages for months without problem. But that adress book suddenly doesn't work. It was genereated when I set up...