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    How to display number of items per .pst file

    Hi, [PS] C:\Scripts\demo>Get-Help .\Get-MailboxReport.ps1 NAME C:\Scripts\demo\Get-MailboxReport.ps1 SYNOPSIS Get-MailboxReport.ps1 - Mailbox report generation script. SYNTAX C:\Scripts\demo\Get-MailboxReport.ps1 [-database ] [] C:\Scripts\demo\Get-MailboxReport.ps1...
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    Mailbox Size or Outlook 2011

    Hi Angie, You can only do this for Exchange accounts in Outlook. Control-Click (Right-click) on folder > Folder Properties > Storage. For other accounts you can drag a folder to the desktop as .mbox file and use the Finder to see size. Regards Max Like, Share if you find answer helpful or...