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    Slow VBA macro in Outlook

    Hello, I have a VBA macro in my Outlook, which takes around 60 minutes to process around 45k emails. I was wondering, whether there is a way to somehow speed it up. I'd be very grateful for some suggestions. Here's the code: Option Explicit Option Compare Text 'References : Microsoft Outlook...
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    Macro for attachments download adjustment

    Thank you very much for the link and insights. I have amended my VBA code, however the macro seems to be working fine but only for 1 selected Sub Folder + all Sub Folders within. I am not sure why it's not looping through all Sub Folder staring from the selected one. Option Explicit Public...
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    Macro for attachments download adjustment

    Hello, I have a macro called GetEmailAttachments, which I use for downloading all attachments from Inbox to My Documents. I have also created a second one for the purpose of attachments from my Sub Folder. Problem is, that 2nd macro is not downloading all of the attachments from my Sub Folders...
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    VBA macro for Inbox's attachments search

    Hello, I am new to using VBA for the purpose of Outlook automation, whoever I am trying to build a macro, which will go through my Inbox (including Sub Folders) and download all attachments to specific folder on my PC. What will be very useful is an option to select the specific file extension...