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    Calendar overlay... but not ALL calendars?

    How very odd... I see from your graphic exactly what i'm trying to achieve... but anytime I click the arrow to un-overlay... they ALL go side by side. Maybe something's funky with my 2013 installation... I'll troubleshoot it is a problem. thanks for the feedback!
  2. J

    Calendar overlay... but not ALL calendars?

    Here's another one that's probably a Pipe Dream... but I'll ask it anyway. We use an outsourced PTO tracking system that allows us to link an Outlook calendar to a website to show our PTO schedule. As such my "standard" Calendar view is my main calendar, and my PTO calendar overlaid on top of...
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    Outlook 2013 Sorting and grouping on 2 date fields

    OK... I may be asking a bit much from Outlook here, but it's worth asking. I dream of having my flagged mail (not very many) sorted by start date at the top of my inbox. Under that, I'd like to have the rest of my messages sorted by received date. I like the "automatic" headers of "Today"...