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  1. evdbogaard

    Reply with only last message cited

    When replying to a e-mail thread the choice is to either cite all previous messages or no one at all. Is there a possibility (with or without VBA) to create a reply with just the last message cited (i.e. without being forced to manually delete them)? I'm using Outlook 2010 on Window 7 Pro...
  2. evdbogaard

    How to dock the Styles Task Pane in the e-mail editing window?

    I'm looking for VBA code to dock the Styles Task Pane to the right side of the mail editing window. In Word 2010 I can do this with this code: With Application.TaskPanes(wdTaskPaneFormatting) If .Visible = False Then .Visible = True CommandBars("Task Pane").Position = 2...
  3. evdbogaard

    How to prevent extra line feeds in replies

    Hi Diane, Thanks for your reply. I never hit Enter twice. Extra spacing is provided by the SpaceAfter setting in the standard style. What I understand from your reply is that if the recipient uses web mail and answers my email, the SpaceAfter setting in my standard style is converted into an...
  4. evdbogaard

    How to prevent extra line feeds in replies

    When I send HTML-email (Outlook 2010) I use a ParagraphAfter setting of 10p in my standard style. When I receive a reply to such a message I notice that in my original text (quoted in the reply) in all paragraphs a hard space followed by an extra paragraph mark is inserted after the original...
  5. evdbogaard

    How can I use data from a xml file in an email message?

    I have an xml file wiht data from customers. In Word I have a macro that puts these data into CustomDocumentProperties so I can use them in the document. Can I do the same in Outlook so I can use the data in an email message? Ed