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  1. DPoremsky

    Filtering based on mailing list field

    If the list address is in the To or From field, create a Rule that looks for that address in the To or From field. If the address is not in the visible header but is in the Internet Header, you'd create a rule that looks for words in the header and use the list address as the words.
  2. DPoremsky

    Create a Company Calendar

    That will work in Outlook but not on his phone as only calendars in his mailbox will sync to the phone. He'd need to copy the events to his mailbox. Two options: create a mailbox for the company calendar with it's own account (uses a license) then the box can sign into the mailbox on his...
  3. DPoremsky

    Display as name in outlook contacts changes

    This is with a POP3 account? The display as field in the actual contact is changed too? Are you entering the person's name in the full name field? I know accounts requires a specific format - you can't change the display name field.